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G7th Ultralight Capo! Nyhet!


G7th Ultralight Capo! Nyhet!
G7th Ultralight!

Vil du ha en billig capo som er enkel i bruk, er liten og lett og likevel holder gitaren din stemt?

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Why would I buy the G7th UltraLight?

Weighing in at only ¼ OZ (8 g) the new UltraLight model packs next generation composite technology into a simple and elegant design to deliver fast, great-sounding capoing at G7th's lowest price yet.

For Acoustic AND Electric steel string guitar

UltraLight is a genuinely pro-level capo at a price that's within easy reach of younger players.

Easy to use

Unique click, twist and play action for fast, buzz-free capoing.

Keeps you in tune

Key design features help retain the true tone of your instrument and keep you in tune, without getting in the way of your fretting hand.

The new UltraLight capo is developed from an original design by Anders Sterner with his kind encouragement and comes complete with Lifetime Warranty.

Versions 6 String guitar
Colours Black, Blue, Red
Summary The lightest capo on the market.
Adjustable Tension Yes
Weight 8g / 0.3oz
Size and shape Essentially a strap around your guitar neck, it's virtually unnoticeable.

Which is the right capo for you?